The Benefits of Outsourcing

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There are real benefits to outsourcing your claims! You will eliminate extra staff, salaries, taxes, insurance, and benefits. You will also lower the overhead cost of office space, utilities, equipment upkeep, and office supply expenses.

Reasons to Outsource to Superior Claims!

  • Medical Billing is complex and best handled by dedicated experts in the field.
  • Your cash flow should almost immediately increase.
  • We will reduce your claim denial rate tremendously.
  • We will supply you, your staff, and your patients with a skilled team to address your billing needs and/or concerns.
  • We follow up on all claims submitted, on a regular basis.
  • We are in production for 5010 claims and HIPAA compliant.
  • We supply monthly reports detailing our clients billing activity.
  • We will keep you informed of the Medical code changes for your practice’s encounter form.
  • Our State Of The Art Software generates 98.5% clean claims for submission.
  • No extra charge for re-submission of claims.
  • Payment from the Insurance Carriers is normally received within 10-14 days.
  • We offer toll free phone and fax numbers for our out of the area customers.
  • We offer toll free phone and fax numbers for our out of the area customers.
  • We customize our program according to each Client’s needs and wants.

Outsourcing Savings

(Based on a sole practice with one biller)
Superior Claim Services
Average medical
billing cost
Employee salary $16 per hour X 40 hours per week = $620 X 4weeks = one month gross pay$2,773.33$1124.50 Based on
346 claims @$3.25 per claim
Medical Benefits Employee PPO plan Medical ins.$330.00NONE
Sick Leave Based on 1/2 day per month = 6 days per year$64.00NONE
Retirement Plan Based on a 20% Employer Contribution per monthVariesNONE
Deferred Compensation / 401K Employer matched ContributionVariesNONE
Workers Compensation Based on $2.00 per$52.00NONE
Payroll Taxes Based on 26 pay periods per year$93.00NONE
Payroll fees Monthly fees may vary$20.00NONE
Electronic Claims 346 claims @ $0.25 per claim based on 80% of total monthly claims with an average patient volume of 20 patients per day per provider$86.50NONE
Paper Claims 87 claims @ $0.54 per claim based on 20% of total monthly claims with an average patient volume of 20 patients per day per provider$46.98NONE
Patient Statements 10 Statements per day @ $0.50 per statement, 20 day billing cycle$100.00NONE
*Note: In-House costs based on industry averages, actual amounts can vary based on
practice and size. Contact us for a custom Cost Analysis Worksheet!

That's a Savings of $2,494.64 per Month!

Plus, this doesn’t factor in the price of, Office Space, Office Equipment, Phone, Fax, Scanner, Filing System, Billing Software, Software upgrades, Coding Books, Employee Training, Forms, Postage, Statement Forms, Envelopes Clearinghouse Charges, IT Server Maintenance, Electricity, or Office Supplies. 

The savings you’ll receive by switching to Superior Claim Service really do add up!

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How soon we can get set up depends upon your current billing service contract (if any), and the services you are requesting. Upon completion of our basic Provider information form and HIPAA – compliant Business Associate Agreement, we can begin sending electronic claims within a week to 10 days!*

*All government and some private payers require EDI enrollments which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months to process. If you are already set up with the Payers, there should be no delay in processing your claims.